Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whale of a Tale

I've always been an admirer of whales. Watching them jump out of the water and seeing that water spout. There is something inspiring about them. You would think seeing a creature the size of a greyhound would scare me off but I'll be brave. I'll be brave because you know what whales have to go through?

Whales have to deal with pollution, being hunted(still!), natural events such as storms and such. Even sonar used by the military all across the globe. Sometimes I wonder what I can do about this but nothing seems good enough so I just do nothing. What can one person do? PETA can't even get the job done successfully. Maybe it's time to call in Sarah McLachlan to sing a song for a whale instead of a domesticated cat & dog.

Hey I got an idea. Contact the Prime Minister of Japan and tell him to save the whales. Save Willy.. Save that other one too. Don't know about you all but I don't want to see Star Trek: The Voyage Home as a reality.

I wasn't joking about contact the man!!! Heres a link.
Maybe together we can keep this blogs title from coming true.

Video provided by TheOceaniaProject. Find them on Facebook at

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